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Teen Yoni Steams are just as important!
Growing up we dreaded our period and everything that was associated. My sister, my cousin, my mom, and I were in rotation. I think my sister and cousin still to this day are aligned with each other. (yea I’m team no cycle) Well, our daughters are the same way in rotation with one another. Let’s break the cycle for our young women. Don’t get me wrong no one will just absolutely love it but we have found ways to at least deal with it comfortably. Steaming is perfectly safe for teens, My daughter and her cousin get Yoni steams and love it, they don’t have painful cramps or heavy bleeding messing up their clothes. They can definitely tell the difference if they miss their appointment. Try the Teen Steam and see the difference.

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  • August 15
  • September 12
$799 $1299 $300 w/o machine w/ machine deposit
Deposit must be paid at time of booking remaining balance due 4 days before class date. Virtual is available. Limited seats for each class.
Training Included:
  • lipo cavtivation
  • laser lipo
  • skin tightening
  • cellulite reduction
  • vacuum therapy
You will receive:
  • training manual
  • certificates
  • sample forms
Any Questions email us @ diamondlotusllc@gmail.com or call us at 228-238-9637 for any questions or concerns